About Us and Why We Do It


Flippin Sweet Suicide Prevention Memorial Disc Golf Tournament was founded in 2014 by Connor and Susan Mitts in the loving memory of Grant Gottschalk and Tom Karlin.    It has become a celebration of the young men’s life, their love of disc golf and to increase the awareness and prevention of  suicide.
Since 2014, over $25,000 has been raised for suicide prevention and depression awareness.  For more information you contact,  tom_gottschalk@hotmail.com or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Flippinsweetdiscgolf.
Their Story:

Tom Karlin, as a teenager on November 5, 2011 took his own life.  One year later, Grant Gottschalk, one of Tom’s lifelong friends also took his life.  In 2013,  The Flippin’ Sweet Memorial Disc Golf Tournament for Suicide Prevention was created by Connor Mitts, Susan Mitts, Tom Gottschalk and John Erickson.

In 2016, we partnered with Johnson County Mental Health’s Suicide Prevention Coalition and Allie Doss’s Speak Up to increase suicide prevention and depression awareness.  All the proceeds of the 2017 event will go to the Johnson County Suicide Coalition to assist locally in education.

For more information please see the information on the Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition and Flippin’ Sweet Suicide Memorial Disc Golf Tournament. 

Tom will be gone 4 years November, Grant 3 years October.

From left to right: Tom Karlin, Grant Gottschalk and Jesse Erickson

From left: Jesse Erickson and Grant Gottschalk.  “Frick and Frack”

Contact us:  info@flippinsweet.live