Thornfield Private Disc Golf Course


Located at 6701 W. 167th Street, Stillwell, KS.

Thornfield Disc Golf Course was built by Suburban Lawn & Garden in early 2008 on the scenic property owned by Bill and Bo Stueck. The only private course of its kind in Kansas City, Thornfield was designed by Dennis Vahsholtz and Bill Paulson. The Stueck’s vision in building the course was to host fundraising tournaments for local non-profit organizations.

Disc golf began in the 1960’s as an offshoot of the Frisbee craze. The original courses were “object courses” using trashcans, light poles and even trees as baskets. There are now over 2,500 disc golf courses throughout the country including at least 14 public courses in the Kansas City Metro Area. Disc golf is a lifetime fitness sport. It’s easy to learn, a healthy activity and accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels.

Thornfield is not open to the public and does not maintain a formal website. If you would like to play our course, please keep an eye on our events section for upcoming tournaments in support of various local charities.

Thank you for your interest!

(source:  Thornfield FaceBook page)

Thornfield You-Tube Video