JoCo Suicide Prevention Coalition


The Johnson Counties Mental Health’s Suicide Prevention Coalition and The Flippin’ Sweet Suicide Prevention Memorial Disc Golf Tournament partnered in 2016 to fight suicide prevention and depression awareness.    Flippin’ Sweets Suicide Prevention Memorial Disc Golf Tournament on June 18, 2016 at Thornfield private disc golf course in Stilwell, Kansas raised $11,000 dollars and was able after expenses able to donate the proceeds of $9760. to the JoCo Suicide Coalition.

About the Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition

The Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition helps individuals and families in Johnson County who are affected by suicide through preventative resources, education, and community partnerships.

To learn more about the coalition including meeting dates/times, please contact Prevention Services at 913-715-7880.

About the Flippin’ Sweet Suicide Prevention Memorial Disc Golf Tournament

Everyone has heard the phrase, “It takes a village.”  Well in our case this is exactly true. Since Grant Gottschalk and Tom Karlin and their families are so loved and rooted into the community we were blessed with many friends, family and neighbors that wanted to help.

Connor Mitts and Susan Mitts started the concept of having a disc golf tournament and approached Tom Gottschalk.  Tom’s son, Grant loved to play disc golf with Tom Karlin.  Tom Gottschalk believes that disc golf helped Grant with his mental health issues and possibly kept him from taking his life earlier.   Jesse Erickson was Tom and Grant’s best friends from grade school up.  John, Jess’s dad was interested in helping and became part of the team.

In 2014,  The owner of Suburban Lawn which owns Thornfield Disc Golf course offered his help and the course.  Dynamic Disc also offered to manage the tournament.  Reaching out to the community we soon had donations, volunteers, and hole sponsors.   We raised around $4000.00 that year.  In 2015,  we raised around $6500.  Both years we donated the proceeds to the Tom Karlin Foundation.  In 2016, We raised $11,000 and the proceeds went to the Johnson County Suicide Coalition.  In 2017, our plan is to again donate all the proceeds to the Johnson County Suicide Coalition.

This year, in an effort to maximize and grow we partnered with JoCo Suicide Coalition and reached out to other suicide prevention organizations for long term growth.   In 2016, we raised $11,000.

In 2017, we are hoping to again grow.  To bring in more community involvement and suicide prevention groups including Veterans.  Up to 20 Veterans a day take their lives.  We are also looking at other event/programs such as a mentoring program to grow the sport of disc golf and introduce it to individuals that would benefit from being outdoors, learning a sport that is relaxing and can be calming.   Another focus will be to help survivors of suicide. Many friends and family that have a loss of a loved one need support.

We have started a social media with Facebook and Twitter being our main focus.  We are learning Instagram and how to build our own website.   We welcome any suggestions, insights and assistance.   Our goal is to educate and hopeful save someone and their loved from suicide.

To Reach us, you can Tweet us, Message us on Facebook  Contact us

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