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Ibotta’s Hops for Pops: Give Dad a Free Beer

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Give dad what he really wants this Father’s Day, a cold one on us.

$5.00 Cash Back on Beer

Father’s Day Weekend is here! We’re celebrating all the great dads out there with $5.00 cash back on any beer, at any bar or restaurant. You heard that right, scan your itemized receipt and Ibotta will help you pick up the tab.

Tip #1: Make sure you ask for an itemized receipt so we can properly verify your purchase.

Tip #2: This rebate is only valid for on-premise purchases made on Sunday 6/18, any purchases made before or after that day will not qualify for the rebate.

Tip #3: Receipts expire within 7 days, be sure to submit your receipt sooner rather than later!

Don’t miss out on a great deal, treat your dad (and your wallet).

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Summer of 2017, Premier Suicide Prevention Disc Golf Event on Private Course in Kansas City

Flippin Sweet Suicide Prevention Fourth Annual Memorial Disc Golf Tournament in loving memory of Grant Gottschalk and Tom Karlin 
immediate release-May 10, 2017 
Flippin Sweet Suicide Prevention Tournament  is on schedule for our tournament on June 24, 2017, at Thornfield Private Disc Golf Course in Stilwell, Kansas.    Warm up and welcoming will begin at 8 a.m, with tee times starting around of  a.m.   If the tournament sells out  it would have about 90 golfers, 30+ volunteers and several suicide prevention organizations offering information.  One, will be Allie Doss’s Speak Up Foundation, which has gained a lot of popularity in the community in recent months for all it’s work.
Disc Golfers will be playing 36 holes on this private premier disc golf.  Eighteen holes in the morning of single play and eighteen holes of double play in the afternoon.  Thornfield course is private and is only played if you our part of a charity tournament.   This makes Flippin Sweet’s tournament that much more unique since you can play singles in the morning session.  Actually, to the organizers knowledge it is the only time you can play singles on Thornfield this summer.
Organizers have a nice amount of “prizes”  we are giving away in the players pack.  Contributions from Bic, Papa Murphy’s, Best Regards, Doug Mitt’s Home Team, Capital Federal, American Family, Elements Fitness, Century Marketing and so many more great companies.  Other prizes to be presented throughout the day and raffled will be Chiefs items, Royals Tickets, T-bones, Westin Wine Tasting,  Sports Memorabilia and plenty of disc golf merchandise generously offered by the disc golf suppliers/manufactures/
If that were not enough the organizers will be giving each registered disc golfer TWO custom disc and a custom towel.  Often tournament wil only one disc or may not even give items of this value.
Lunch is also provide with Ad Astra Food and Pappa Murphy’s Food Trucks, Panera cookies, Hy-Vee Bottled Water, Gatorade from Price Chopper.  Entry is $50 per player and all proceeds will go to Johnson County Suicide Coalition based out of Olathe, in the Johnson County Kansas, Mental Health Offices.  Flippin Sweet Suicide Prevention Organize has 501c3 status through the Mitts Family Foundation this will be it’s fourth tournament.   In 2016,  Flippin Sweet Suicide Prevention raised nearly $11,000 and after minimal expenses, donated the rest to the Coalition in which they have used as they felt it would be best serve the local community.  The Johson County Suicide Coalition continues to offer  a program to train teachers, clergy, counselors etc., to see, identify and know what to do next for individuals that have the signs of a suicidal person.
Flippin Sweet Suicide Prevention Disc Golf Page Facebook
Flippin Sweet Disc Golf Twitter Feed Twitter  @FlippinSweetDG
Flippin Sweet Suicide Prevention Disc Golf Page & Registration/Donation
John Erickson
Flippin Sweet Suicide Prevention
913. 626. 0542
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Want to help? What you can do?

We need the following services, donations and help…

  • a 20×20 tent, we will provide a banner.
  • Hole sponsors  Total of 18 different sponsors
  • Money to go to the Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition
  • Goodie Bag stuffers- pens, freebies, coupons, etc.
  • someone to provide lunch
  • Beer Sponsor
  • Lunch Sponsor-could be divided by several donors.
  • Cookie Sponsor- Taken by Panera-Thank you Karen Cole. 
  • Breakfast Sponsor
  • Disc Sponsor
  • Golf Towel Sponsor
  • Snacks- for them to take on the course
  • Water Sponsor- Taken By Hy-Vee on 87th Street & Lackman- Thank You.  
  • Sports Drink Sponsor- Taken by Hy-Vee on 87th Street & Lackman- Thank You.
  • Portable “Johnny on the Spot” Toilets
  • Media assistance getting the word out.
  • Volunteers that day
  • Volunteers before the event
  • T-shirt sponsor for players- could be up to 180
  • T-shirt sponsor for volunteers- could be upwards to 50.
  • Liquor sponsors- we have mixed drinks along the course to purchase.
  • Raffle prizes- gift cards and more.  Disc golf merchandise.
  • Prizes for the winners of the tournament-gift cards and more.
  • Silent auction prizes-  Disc Golf Merchandise.
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Mentoring Program Is Off and Running

Mission Statement:

To grow the sport of disc golf by sharing the bountiful benefits of disc golf to all individuals

that would like additional  tools to cope with the  ever changing challenges of life.


On October 30, 2012 Grant Gottschalk took his life.  Tom Gottschalk, his father, has said if

Grant had not been introduced to disc golf that he feels that Grant may have taken his life sooner.

This is the foundation for the creation of The Flippin’ Sweet Mentoring Program which is partnering

with the KC Disc Golf Divas, Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition and the

Flippin Sweet Memorial Disc Golf Tournament for Suicide Prevention to offer

any individual the opportunity to learn the joys of disc golf.


Our vision is to help any individual learn disc golf as a form of expression to assist in handling the pressures of life,

as a place to gather for support and friendship and a place to exercise and enjoy being outside.


Today our family is growing even stronger

We truly have become an army against suicide prevention and depression awareness.

We hope you’ll follow us on Facebook or @flippinSweetDG


Who is Flippin’ Sweet?

Flippin’ Sweet is not who but what!  It’s a community of friends that are close as family.

We continue to grow, bringing in new friends and family daily at times.

Sadly, some have come to us from their own tragic loss.

Others have come to us because of their love for disc golf.

However, we started with Connor Mitts, Susan Mitts, Tom Gottschalk and John Erickson.


Connor Mitts is a student at Colorado State University.

He is a crazy good disc golfer and childhood friend of both Tom Karlin and Grant Gottschalk.

Connor wanted to do something to memorialize his friends by sharing the love of disc golf.

Born in 2013 was the Flippin’ Sweet Disc Golf Memorial Tournament.


Tom Gottschalk, Grant’s dad, is a disc golf enthusiast himself.

He walks and talks disc golf.  He also works for the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office.


Susan Mitts is a mother, Recreation Therapist, was a paraprofessional for Shawnee Mission School District,

disc golf mom to Connor Mitts,  and wife of Doug Mitts, Realtor.

The Mitts Home Team, Keller Williams Realty Partners, Inc.

has been a platinum supporter of The Flippin’ Sweet Suicide Prevention

Memorial Disc Golf Tournament since the beginning in 2014.

The Mitts Family Foundation is also our 501c3 affiliation.


John D. Erickson, a self-proclaimed, native Johnson County “brat” as he calls himself,

has had several aliases such as

John the Marketing Guy and John the Alarm Guy.

John was an owner and Vice President of Atronic Alarms Inc.,

where he worked for 25 years until being diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

Unable to work, he increased his focus on his passion for youth baseball and after

Tom and Grant’s deaths, suicide prevention.


How we will do that?

The Flippin’ Sweet family as mentioned in the Vision above is totally committed to making this mentoring program

work.  We will be hands on at all events maintaining it’s safety,  privacy and the integrity of every individual.


Our goal is to bring together for the first time ever a unique group of caring individuals that want to help.

The first group is part of the disc golf community, The KC Disc Golf Divas.

They are a group of female, seasoned disc golfers that are well known for their community involvement.

They have offered to come and mentor any individuals on a regular basis.

Also, there will be other pro disc golfers and other skill levels of disc golfers.

The idea is to approach this as “group” mentoring which has a two-fold effect.

One is that everyone learns differently and at different levels/speeds.

Secondly, when a learning opportunity comes up one of the mentors may have another approach.

Besides there is comfort and safety in having a small group.


We hope to have in all groups disc golfers that have some counseling and suicide and depression awareness skills.

If needed and desired an individual could benefit from the outdoors,

the fresh air and the non-threatening insights that such a person could provide.

This is why the Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition is deeply involved.

What we plan to happen

We are planning for our program to be a group mentoring program with skilled individuals in both disc golf

and counseling.    For safety we will have a security/background company

run background checks on each mentor.

We will also ask each mentor to commit to staying involved through out the “season”.

When we say, “Season” we are speaking of a typical disc golf season which is approximately

March to October, since we’d like to reach the fall school year and youth groups from various churches.

We are going to reach out to disc golf manufacturers and others in the industry to

request donations for disc golf equipment.

We hope and feel this will be received extremely well since many in the sport

want to see the sport grow as well as help any individual that might need help.


We have yet to determine a final location or how often we will meet.

An example, though, might be to meet at Lenexa Disc Golf Park every third Wednesday of the month.

With that in mind, we will need a sign up sheet of participants which we will do online.

Things in the future to consider

  • We would hope that after we work the kinks out that we could possibly start other groups throughout the city.
  • Bring in other disc golf clubs.
  • Receive grants, donations, and to get sponsorship’s-even get a disc made with our logo on it.
  • Our crystal ball goal is to dream big and have this

become a template for the program to be adopted nationally.

  • Since this is literally at the ground floor we are open to and wanting input.
  • There is no hierarchy, your idea is as important as anyone’s and will be reviewed as such.


How you can help

  • Compassionate, skilled disc golfers to be mentors.
  • Knowing that they will have a monthly commitment and possibly would want to take a day’s training*
  • Donations; discs, disc bags, money for materials for promotion to youth groups & schools.
  • Food/beverages for regular events.
  • Social Media and web assistance.
  • Networking-Who you know and word-of-mouth will help the most.


Contact us 

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September is Suicide Prevention Month

Kansas in 2015 had 450 suicides.  Missouri had 950.  Veterans are committing suicide at 20 per day.    This is why we are doing what we are doing.  If we can change one, just one life, one family path and stop a suicide.   Will will not stop.

Join us in supporting suicide prevention and disc golf.  All our efforts support our own community.  Kansas City, join us, follow us.

Support your community by joining us, following us on Twitter & FB.

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Media Advisory

img_6532For immediate release:
Aug. 24, 2016

Shana Burgess, Director of Prevention and Community Relations
Johnson County Mental Health Center
913-715-7880 or cell 214-458-7844

Sharon Watson, Director of Public Affairs & Communication
Johnson County Manager’s Office
913-715-0730 or cell 913-636-1732

Media advisory: Johnson County events to highlight suicide prevention week Sept. 5-11

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in Kansas and the second leading cause of death for Kansans age 10-34. Suicide rates in the U.S. are the highest they have been in three decades. Each year, 42,773 Americans die by suicide.

In 2015, 477 individuals died by suicide in Kansas, and 72 of those were in Johnson County. In 2014, 454 people died by suicide in Kansas, and 72 of those were in Johnson County.

The number of youth in the nation who attempted suicide or seriously considered attempting suicide has also increased in recent years. According to CDC, 8.6 percent of youth surveyed attempted suicide (one or more times during the 12 months before the survey) in 2015, compared to 6.9 percent in 2007. In 2015, 17.7 percent of youth surveyed seriously considered attempting suicide during the 12 months before the survey, compared to 14.5 percent in 2007.
To address this growing concern, the Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition was established in 2012 to help local individuals and families who are affected by suicide through preventative resources, education, and community partnerships.

National Suicide Prevention Week is September 5th-11th with the theme of “Suicidology: A Place for Everyone.”

Local events leading up to and during Suicide Prevention Week
· Thursday, August 25th: Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition Meeting, 3:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. at Johnson County Mental Health Center – 1125 W. Spruce in Olathe

o Coalition being presented a $9,725 check from Flippin’ Sweet Memorial Disc Golf Tournament in memory of Tom Karlin and Grant Gottschalk.

Flippin’ Sweet Memorial Disc Golf was founded in 2012 to raise funds and increase awareness for suicide prevention and depression awareness in memory of Grant Gottschalk and Tom Karlin. Since 2012, Flippin’ Sweet Tournaments have raised over $25,000 for local suicide prevention and has now joined ranks with the Johnson County Suicide Prevention Coalition. In 2017, the tournament will be held at Thornfield Disc Golf Course in Stilwell, Kansas on September 9th.

§ Tournament Contact: John D. Erickson, 913-626-0542

o Coalition unveiling a new initiative in partnership with local law enforcement to promote the Suicide Prevention Lifeline number on law enforcement vehicles throughout Johnson County. 500 magnets will be distributed to local law enforcement to place on emergency vehicles.

§ Law Enforcement Contact: Shawn Reynolds, Deputy Police Chief, Olathe Police Department 913-971-6355 or

o Coalition distributing Suicide Prevention Week toolkits to local schools including suggested social media posts, handouts on warning signs and local resources, and educational giveaways including bookmarks, bracelets, magnets and posters to be handed out to students throughout the week.

§ Coalition School Liaison Contact: Joe Kordalski – or 913-687-4333

· September 1st, Suicide Prevention Week Proclamation at the Johnson County Board of County Commission, 111 S. Cherry St. Olathe, Kansas.
§ Contact: Shana Burgess, cell: 214-458-7844

· September 15 and 16, Upcoming Suicide Prevention Training, 8:30 to 4:30 p.m., De Soto Administrative Office, Cost $100.00

o Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training is a two-day workshop for caregivers who want to feel more comfortable, confident and competent in helping to prevent the immediate risk of suicide. To learn more, call 913-715-7880 or visit

§ Training Contact: Kevin McGuire, Johnson County Mental Health Center 913-826-4154 or

· New Kansas legislation affecting schools effective Jan. 1, 2017 Jason Flatt Act

o Kansas was the 19th state to pass the Jason Flatt Act bill requiring at least one hour of suicide prevention training each year for all school district personnel beginning January 1st, 2017.

§ School District Contact: Dr. Mark Schmidt, Executive Director of Student Services in Blue Valley School District. All media contact should be directed to Blue Valley Communications at 913-239-4329.

About Johnson County, Kansas
Located in the southwestern quadrant of the Kansas City Metropolitan Region, Johnson County, Kansas is a community of choice with a current population of more than 575,000, making it the most populated of the 105 counties in Kansas, but traditionally having the lowest mill levy in the state. For more information visit the county’s website at


Sharon Watson
Director of Public Affairs and Communications
County Manager’s Office
111 S. Cherry Street, Suite 3300 Olathe, Kansas 66061
Direct 913-715-0730 | Cell 913-636-1732
Office 913-715-0430 | TDD 800-766-3777
cid:E63DAC3C-0853-46A0-8159-8AE0D0BC0776 I @jocogov I F/jocogov